Sunday, June 1, 2008

4 Year Olds Wanna Know

Just a few of the 4 year old's recent questions (which I had to make up answers for):

Do worms have feet?

Why do clouds move?

What is poop?

Why do we poop? (Note: This recent fascination with poop worries me a wee bit)

Do bees make Honeycombs? (as in the cereal)

Where is Jamaica? (Answer to all geography questions: "Go ask your father" - - I just found out where Europe is - - I thought it was below the States and sadly, I'm not exaggerating my geographic retardedness)

What is a wife? (Asked after his best friend asked to pretend to be his wife and then followed it up with "now give me a kiss on the lips" - - my smart boy still thinks girls are gross so he politely declined)

Why can't I eat cupcakes for breakfast? I had no good answer for that one so we ate cupcakes.

NOTE: I am totally getting paid back for annoying my sisters as a child.

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Jill S. said...

LOL, have I been there.