Saturday, May 3, 2008

May flowers and all that crap

Oh glorious spring how I love thee. The sunshine...the BBQ's...the walks in the park...the bugs. Wait a sec. I HATE the freaking bugs!!! I swear there was a black widow spider in my laundry room today. There was so. It totally looked poisonous. I was alone so I had to beat the thing to death with some tool that I found back there belonging to the husband. I actually heard myself yelling "AAAAGH AAAAAAGH AAAGH - DIE DIE DIE you evil spider" as I bludgeoned it to death with the pounder thingamajig.

My 4 year old would not have been happy as he is going through an environmentalist phase and prefers we rescue the evil creepy crawlers these days. I have actually had to carry bugs outside when I wanted to smoosh their ugly little heads with my shoe. Oh how I miss the days when the 4 year old would gaze in wonderment at the beautiful little Caterpillar he found and then jump on the thing like a crazed maniac one second later with his little "four toe one toe" shoes (or flip flops to the lay person). He also made me shut the car off in the Tim Hortons drive through the other day. Apparently he learned at preschool that idling "poisons the air".

I curse you bugs.


The Husband said...

Could you be a little more specific about which tool you used before I pick it up and get spider guts all over me. Thanks.

Colie said...

Dear Mr. Manly Snake Killing Bird Smashing Man who is strangely afraid of bug guts:

Nope - sorry. I also can't tell you which of your toothbrushes I dunked in the toilet.

That would spoil all the fun.

The Husband said...

I dont have a problem with killing or maiming God's little creatures I just dont like to be suprised.

Colie said...

I also used one of your socks to wipe up a furball the cat hacked up.


Anonymous said...

What kinda hippie are you raising?!