Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Conversations with The Husband

Conversation while driving the husband to work this morning (picture me eating a granola bar while putting on mascara and singing old Sarah Harmer who I am obsesssed with these days):

The Husband: "Do you like those granola bars?"

Me: "Well, I am starving so I'd eat dirt wrapped in cat hair right about now but, yeah."

The Husband: "I'm sick of them".

Me: "Mmmm". *Singing* I'll be coming round the corner one day real slow and I'll see my self reflected in someone I used to knowwwwwwww...

The Husband: (Grasping forehead suddenly) "Ow. Sharp brain pain". (Seems to happen when he thinks??)

Me: Maybe it's a tuma? *Singing* How can I say when I don't know if I feel loving or if I feel lowwwwwwwwww...

The Husband: "Ok. You cannot wear flip flops to drive ANY. MORE. I think I have a concussion".

Me: "But they are so cute. Look how cute they are!" Picture adorable foot flipped up onto dash.

The Husband: "So, do you just not stop for red lights anymore?"

Me: "Totally still yellow".

The Husband: "Actually I'm sick of pretty much all food lately".

Me: "Mmmm hmmmm".

The Husband: "Unless it's deep fried and covered in cheese".

Me: "And dipped in chocolate".

The Husband: "And wrapped in bacon".

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