Monday, January 3, 2011

Uncock that fist!

The 3 year old gets a little ragey if you laugh at her, which I do often because let's face it, she's my kid and she's freaking hilarious.

So, over the holidays she started this new thing where she cocks her fist at you if you dare to laugh at her. And seriously, I know that as a parent I should not encourage this behavior but it's so friggin' cute when she takes her little hand, tucks her thumb inside her fingers, and pumps that balled up fist in the air. I almost pee myself.

When she's feeling extra ragey, she even adds a little "Do you wanna be dead?"

I shoved my rage way down deep as a kid and now I kinda want to punch everyone, every day, square in the head. So I am (not so) secretly proud that she may be a little ass kicker.

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