Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunny Gives Me Heart Palpitations

Okay people - one of my very favorite bloggers, who provides me with more support than I'm sure she could ever know by bravely and smartly sharing her story at http://sunnysingstheblues.blogspot.com/ has nominated The Colie Chronicles for a BLOSCAR!!!!!!! In The Most Supportive category!!

Holy sweet baby Jesus. How did Sunny know of my secret lifelong desire for an Oscar and given that I have no acting talent whatsoever, that a BLOSCAR would be my dream come true!? How did she know???

'Cause she's awesome, that's how.

So, there are only a few hours left to "nominate" The Colie Chronicles - my sweet little blog that could - just a few more hours for you to help make my dream come true!!!!! A few more hours to reduce the amount of therapy I'll need to get over a lifetime of rejection and Daddy issues. But no pressure. Well, maybe a l'il pressure...

If you enjoy The Colie Chronicles, please go here to this lovely blog:
And nominate me...only the Top 3 nominees go on for voting!!

The winner is announced on Oscar night. How freaking cool is that?

Seriously. Heart palpitations.

What to wear? What to wear? I'll be sporting my 'Prado' but I may have to go naked because nothing fits this stress eating machine these days. Naked with a fake Prada bag. Okay, I appologize for that image. Go wash your retinas. I'm getting carried away but sweet readers, it's my first BLOSCAR nomination!!! I feel like freaking Natalie Portman. I'm all crazy eyed black swan right now.

Deep breathing.

Thank you so much to Sunny and to anyone who takes a minute to nominate this little blog that I love and that I hope you love just a little bit too.

Please vote daily if you enjoy The Colie Chronicles ~ I'll repay you in butter tarts! 
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TexaGermaNadian said...

Awesome Colie!!! I am jumping over there right now :)

Colie said...

Awwww. You'll be in my thank you speech!! Which I'm rehearsing right now. The power of positive thinking.

Ashley said...

HA! This is awesome! I love this post:) I would love for the top nominees to dress up and take pictures of themselves, that would be FAB! So I secretly hope you are in the top 3 because I think you would so want to do that!!
Good luck!!!

Colie said...

I hope so too!

I'm practicing my fake smile just in case I lose because there are so many wonderful blogs nominated but you should know that my winning smile is way cuter. I smile with my eyes. I smize.

Thanks for such a great contest!

Lori Dyan said...

You, my little blogging minx, deserve it!

Colie said...

Well, it's a good thing I practiced my "It was an honor just to be nominated" face. because The Colie Chronicles didn't make the cut but...

Best of luck to all the final nominees - you can go here to vote: http://eisymorgan.blogspot.com/2011/02/bloscars-voting-time.html

Do it. Go now.

NOTE: I will still be naked with my Prado bag on Bloscar night. Loudly cheering for: http://idylltoast.blogspot.com/