Sunday, November 13, 2011

Field Mouse My @ss!!!

So, I'll start out heavy and end light...

The ex-husband and I are sharing custody of our children since separating and we switch in and out of our house every two days so the kids have been able to stay in their home while they get used to not having both parents there's hard on us - I feel a bit like a hobo - carting things back and forth with no real place to permanently lay my hat - but we're managing.

I'm thankful every single day that we've found a way to put our children first and I'm certain that will continue.

This past week, the kidlets both got sick on the very same day. Within hours of each other I got the call from daycare and then the school...this was also on the same day as the parent-teacher meeting for our genius son (Seriously, the kid's a brainiac. Pretty sure he gets that from me). I'm sure anyone who reads TCC regularly knows that I'm batshit crazy when it comes to barf/germs/illness this would send me over the edge on a good day but lately, there are also bad days and it takes very little to send me over the edge - I'm teetering people and my shoebox of "life stuff" is overflowing. I can't fit another damn thing in there. Insert example: Did you say you have no walnut crunch donuts left? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *bursts into tears.

Anyway, we were able to handle it together and I survived (barely). But without him being gentle with me, without us being kind to one another, I would be in a much worse place right now. I appreciate the person he is and the amazing Dad that he is every single day. He'll always - ALWAYS - be there for his children and as someone who grew up with no father, this means the world to me.

Our adorable kidlets seem to be doing pretty good so far and when there are difficulties, the ex-husband and I work out the kinks together. It's extremely hard to single parent and to co-parent when you're no longer together, but at least I know we've done this right. This is not at all what I hoped for my family but we're making it work. If you're going through a separation or divorce, what matters most is how much you love your children. Put the rest aside. At work, I see what happens to families when that gets lost and it's the kids that suffer the most.

Okay. On a lighter note...when switching up over the weekend, we had this conversation (If you love mice, stop reading now):

Ex-Husband: Just a heads up...there's a big field mouse in the garbage can outside...
Ex Husband: *laughing*
Me: What is a damn field mouse? We don't even have any freaking fields around here! And what do you mean BIG?!
Ex-Husband: Ummm. Bigger than the usual mouse.
Ex-Husband: *laughing again* Don't worry, I put the lid on the trash can so he can't get out. He's been leaping up and down but he can't quite make it out so eventually he'll just die in there and I'll get rid of it later. He demonstrates the giant mouse leaping now and how he screamed like a girl* when he first saw it (*I can put that there because we're separated and he can't stop me - I'm pretty sure it's true though).
Me: Sweet baby Jesus. I really hate mice.
Ex-Husband: Just don't lift the lid.
Me: Insert more profanity here and a rant about how we live in the freaking city and the critters need to take a hike...grumble grumble...stupid mice...grumble grumble...

And off he goes. I make a mental note not to lift lid.

Cut to the next day.

Kidlets beg me to open the lid.

They want to see the field mouse.

Sure I think, it must be napping by now...and I am woman! I don't need a man to deal with a freaking field mouse! Pppfffttttt. So I agree to lift the lid, ignoring my previous mental note to NOT lift the lid. Which, by the way, was stupid.

The kidlets are huddled together all excited as I pretend to be all brave and pull the garbage can out from under the veranda...let's check this bad boy out, I say. I'm not scared of a field mouse. What do they do but hang out in fields all day? That's not scary...oh no no...

I lift the lid and spot a RAT lying at the bottom of the garbage can and I proceed to scream like I've just been stabbed 62 times while running off like my hair is on fire directly into the backyard with my arms flailing!!!!! Leaving the kids standing there. Neither one of them moved or made a sound. When I can breathe again I come back and they happily peek inside...

He's napping I tell them. Eight year old is all " Mom. He's totally dead". Four year old says "Put him in the green bin mommy". Oh Hell no. I say nay nay to the rat!! Turns out I'm woman enough to know I need a man to deal with critters.

I slammed the lid back on the can and left it for the ex-husband. But not before I took a picture of it for you, my lovely readers.

Behold. The "Field Mouse" RAT:
Shut up. He's huge.

Be happy. Be sweet. Be loving.


Scope said...

Having married into a situation where my wife's ex can't think of his daughter's needs (he once left her to babysit his 4 other kids (under 6) while he drove off to get his wife from the bus stop. Except his/our daughter was 2,000 miles away and on a Skype call.), it's heartwarming to hear of parents doing the right thing.

And I would be totally freaked by a rat in the can, too.

Colie said...
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TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

Hahaha, I have missed you Colie!! :) I am sorry that things are not always going great for you, but it really sounds like you and your ex are working things out the best that you can. Will be thinking about you, and that damn RAT! lol

Colie said...

I've missed you too!!! I seriously need to get my blog stalking hat on and get caught up with everyone!!! :)

Jack J Ward said...

*LOL* Oh my Heavens I think I love you. That bit with the rat was priceless. Remind me to tell you about my adventures with a dead mouse. It's a hilarious little tail (yes... bad pun but it had to be hammered in.) And on the more serious note, more than ever I am grateful for those parents who can work it out. We did for more than five years and now its like a dream that it worked. *sigh*

Colie said...

@Jack - can't wait to hear your rat tale...and as a side note, don't ever sport a rat tail! :)

Things will get better for you again. I know it.

Hang in there!

Jack J Ward said...

I'm doing just fine Honey. Strangely enough. :) The swirling nutty things around me don't affect my well being. :)
Yeah.. its hilarious.. and shoot me if you ever see me with as rat tail! *L*

Colie said...

I'm so glad...your last email made me happy - your optimism is contagious!