Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Conversation with the Ex-Husband

So...we sold our home in 3 very fast weeks but it was a conditional sale annnnnnd our buyers had to sell their home first...annnnnd both my ex-husband and I then had to find homes annnnnd get our conditional offers accepted. Talk about stressful trying to pull it all together...there were a few days my head was close to exploding and possible homelessness didn't seem to be a stretch...and quite sure even the ex-husband  - - who is always calm  - - was teetering close to the edge.

But on Valentine's Day we got the fantastic news that all the deals are done and our house is officially sold  - the sign is up! SOLD people!! And best of all...we are both the proud new owners of our own homes!!  Happy day to us!!!

This is the conversation that followed when I called the ex-husband to do my (not at all annoying) extremely happy cheer:

The Ex-Husband: Yeah, I'll believe it when I actually move into my new house.
Me: Ahhhhh....I'm pretty sure they don't tell us it's sold if it's not ACTUALLY sold, silly.
The Ex-husband: Mmmmm hmmmmm...
Me: Annnnnnnd the fun part is....we're NEIGHBORS!!!! *yes, that's right people, we are moving just a street apart*
The Ex-Husband: Yeah, I clearly didn't think that through.
Me: Ppppfffffftttttt. Come on! We're gonna be neighbors!!! Perfect for the kids...
The Ex-husband: Uh huh.
Me: liiiiiiike me!
The Ex-husband: Yeah, you're okay. When you don't bug me.
Me: SOLD SOLD SOLD! The house is sold, we both have new houses annnnnnd you still kinda like me sometimes!! 
The Ex-husband: *laughing* Uhhhh. Yuh.
Me: Happy Valentine's Day!
The Ex-Husband: You're a weirdo.
Me: Yup.

Sometimes...the Universe just has a way of working things out after all...

I hope you all had a Valentine's day filled with mushy love stuff.



Joshua said...

As long as by mushy love you mean we ate nachos, put the kids to bed, and played Lego Harry Potter on the Wii.

Colie said...

Hey, everyone's mushy love stuff is different Schwa! Whatever floats your boat :)

Sidney said...

Congratulations on the new home / fresh start, Colie!

I dread the day I have to try to coordinate that kind of caper.

Scope said...

Congrats on the real estate moves.

And I'm so glad you and the Ex get along. It'll be soooo good for the kids.

Colie said...

Thanks guys!! I'm getting really's a much needed fresh start for all of us.

The ex and I have our moments but we make it work. Largely because he's a wonderful person and an incredible Dad...and he tolerates me and my craziness...much like he did for the past 12 years ;-) ha!

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Congrats on all the house selling and buying coming together :) YAY!

Colie said...

Thank you sweet Katie lady!! :)