Thursday, March 29, 2012

Look out Kristi Yamaguchi!!

Hello my lovely and very dedicated is with a super sad pouty face that I announce that I did not make the "Top 25" Funny Moms BUT it was an honour just to be nominated. Pfffftttttt. Yeah right. That's what I'm supposed to say but I totally wanted to win! Dang it!!! 

However, I do truly appreciate anyone who took the time to vote for The Colie Chronicles and as far as my kids know, I'm still the funniest in all the land...don't tell them any different. Thankyouverymuch.

As promised, your reward for voting is...drum roll!! Skating. On video. Please note that the super smoldery "videographer" told me he was taking pictures, not video recording and this is not the first time he pulled this little stunt so I shouldn't fall for it but I still do...also, it should explain why I seem to be skating in slow motion but actually, this is just how badly I skate. 


So...for your viewing pleasure, I present to you: Colie's Super Cool Skating Moves. Oh yes, I have moves people.

I may quit Social Work and join The Capades.



Sidney said...

Beautimous, Colie.

Joshua said...

Girl, you crazy. Don't change. :o)

Anonymous said...

bahahaaaa Love the video! I especially like the arm in air on twirl! about the are top of my funny list!!

Colie said...

Thanks Sid :)


Colie said...

Awww know just the right thing to say to a gal to make her embrace the crazy! :)

Colie said...

Anonymous - thank you for the very kind words!!

You make losing not so bad :)